Unemployment in Free Fall

20 Mar






For the 9th consecutive year, the U.S. unemployment rate ended the year lower than the previous.

Dec 2009: 9.9%

Dec 2010: 9.3%

Dec 2011: 8.5%

Dec 2012: 7.9%

Dec 2013: 6.7%

Dec 2014: 5.6%

Dec 2015: 5.0%

Dec 2016: 4.7%

Dec 2017: 4.1%

 In October, 1999, the U.S. hit 4.1%, in April, 2000, we dropped to 3.8% and we stayed below 4.2% unemployment until January, 2001. Otherwise, we haven’t been in this territory since January of 1970 (3.9%).

The U.S. began 2018 at a 4.1% unemployment rate (the Bureau of Labor Statistics is two months behind so we only have January’s unemployment rate as of mid-March).

We are obviously experiencing incredibly low unemployment numbers (it’s currently 2.1% in Hawaii!). If we can be of service finding you top sales & marketing talent during this historic period, please reach out to us.

Forward never straight~ DREW

 It’s time to grow faster.



If interested in a free copy of my eBook, Sales Neutrinos, please let me know.

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