The Problem with Millenials…

13 Feb


In 2015, millenials took over the lead as the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. By 2025, they are forecasted to be 75% of our workforce.

This isn’t your usual blog (I hope) by a Gen X or baby boomer discussing “How do we connect with these millenials today in business?” This is a little bit of a rant and an expression of disappointment in how we (the non-millenials) are managing and interacting with their generation. Time and time again, I’ve read articles primarily written by baby boomers that come across as somewhat demeaning on this topic.

I recently saw a speaker who gave away his book at the event. Kit Welchlin asks in The Communication Kit “Why don’t millenials ever call me back? … You may have more success connecting with millenials by sending a text message. Or heck, you may want to take a picture and send an Instagram.”

It sounds a bit belittling, no?

Check out this 1 minute video with a different take: which parodies “What if millenials talked about baby boomers the way baby boomers talk about millenials?”

Memes, emojis, Snapchat and Instagram aren’t going to work if you don’t use them for any reason other than to “communicate” with millenials. We are talking DOWN to millenials. I feel that we are viewing them as a problem we have to resolve in order to profit from this troublesome group – rather than a generation of individuals with unique needs, emotions and ideologies.

Millenials are a collective but not a single identity. I would suggest we start getting to know the individuals one by one. Every one of them has a different belief, a better idea and a unique angle on life.

From here forward, let’s stop regarding their generation like a Rubik’s Cube we need to solve with one methodology.  Let’s stop talking about “them” because they are a part of “we” in the work place. Let’s stop treating them like a problem – because they are going to run 3/4’s of our workforce within 10 years.

Forward never straight~ DREW
It’s time to grow faster.

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