11 Ideas for Generating Leads

6 Feb

Leads Week 2

I’m following up on my last blog “Generating Leads” (http://bit.ly/2nOpCSt) where I lamented the constant struggle of small businesses in finding enough balance to be able to focus on the top of the sales pipeline.

I asked the question – Who inside your business will be selling on Monday morning and is focused on lead generation?” Lead gen is MUCH more effective if your customer service/operations and sales & marketing functions are divided. With that in place, we can tackle some of the following actions…

11 Ideas for Developing More Sales Opportunities:

  • Referrals. The best lead is one referred by a client. Offer an incentive discount program for these. You should be asking every happy client for referrals on somewhat of a regular basis.
  • Affiliate Programs. Are there others in your industry that can introduce leads in return for a small percentage of the sale?
  • Testimonials & Reviews. These are crucial and can be shared on your website as well as various places on-line; they will generate exponentially more leads than any brochure about your company.
  • Understand SEO. Whether it’s organic or through a Google Adword campaign, this is no longer an option but a necessity. The success behind search engine optimization lies in understanding the keywords pertinent to your company (and your customers). They are the words that you should be repeating over and over and over again online. This should be the #1 focus on your existing website (as well as most of your online content). Check out this great video specific to Google Adwords: http://bit.ly/2E6ky2S.
  • Write a Blog! Who is the best writer on your staff? Using topics relevant to your customers, what stories do you have to share? Consider guest blogging on other sites – or pay an industry expert to promote your company through their blog.
  • Offer Free Education. What do your potential customers want to learn in 2018? Create a video, a presentation or offer a free consultation. Videos are cost effective and can be shared online through your website, YouTube and countless other platforms. Use Slideshare to broadcast a presentation. Consider sharing the information through a series of emails.
  • Be Effective on Mobile Devices. More than half of your visitors are probably viewing your online content from their smart phone, so be certain it is compatible with mobile browsing.
  • Collect Info. Be sure you are gathering information on prospects who are visiting your site. Offer a quiz or white paper for signing up. Add pop-ups to capture their attention and increase the probability of them sharing their name and email address.
  • Social Media Mining. Uncover and interact with prospects on various social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook and many other sites offer a wealth of information in regards to topics and trends being discussed surrounding your business solution. These also provide an ability to interact with others discussing that content. Go back to your keywords under SEO and you’ll quickly be on the right track to drumming up leads through mining.
  • Public Relations. Share a feel-good story for potentially free PR. It takes a special story if it gets picked up by others – but give it an hour of brainstorming and you might have a great experience to share that is right underneath your nose. Start a pro bono program – or community service project and you have the start of a PR story.
  • Industry Conferences. Attend one either as a displayed vendor or attendee as these are great opportunities for helping you zero in on your best prospects. You’ll likely return to the office with a stack of warm leads.

You can’t do all of the above immediately… but you need to do more if the top of your sales funnel is light. The beginning is focusing on some new methods and brainstorming the best way to implement. It requires some time, but probably not as much as you think. Then you’ll have to answer the next question – WHO is going to follow up on all of these leads? That will be a more exciting challenge!

I’d love to hear from you on some of your successful lead generation programs. Each of my bullets could probably be a blog unto itself… so drop me an email if there is one that you’d like to learn about in more detail.

It’s time to grow faster.

If interested in a complimentary copy of my eBook, Sales Neutrinos, please let me know.

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