Canine Sales

15 Dec


Let me start out with a disclaimer that I’m a dog not a cat guy. I’ve had three wonderful dogs in my life and am allergic to cats – but that has nothing to do with my belief that a salesman needs to be a dog.

If you are operating in a specific niche, I’m assuming you know your target customer and you understand the needs and characteristics of your prospects. Now it’s time to run around the neighborhood and meet those people. Cats are picky and sometimes rude introverts; if you want to excel in sales, below are a few necessary canine characteristics.

High Energy. Today’s business climate requires us to leave no stone unturned. Business development takes a lot of energy and a constantly optimistic attitude. We have to hit the ground running at 8 am and interact with a lot of people until the end of the day. And at 8 pm, we are still peeking at emails on our phone while we carry on with the rest of our lives.

Outgoing. A cautious personality is the last thing you want as you’re going to talk to a lot of people every day on the job. Your easygoing nature can start a conversation; your smile and inquisitive questions will keep that dialogue going.

A Predator. A great salesperson is always on the hunt. It isn’t about knocking on a door once; when you know that you are approaching the right prospect, it’s returning to that door time and time again until you get an order, an appointment, a next step or at least a solid “no” in response.

Playfulness. Let’s face it, many people in the business world are a little boring. A salesperson can bring some humor into a boring meeting or a tough implementation. If you aren’t a comedian, then don’t be -bring your only flavor of fun to your prospects and customers. I’m a HUGE advocate for authenticity and I believe every salesperson needs to bring some genuine excitement to a transaction in order to develop a deeper relationship. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Sensitivity. A prospect or customer also needs you to switch gears at appropriate times in the selling or service process. It’s not always time to push next steps – sometimes you need to sit back and listen or even let the customer cry on your shoulder.

Loyalty. The most likeable canine attribute of a salesperson is being a devoted and faithful vendor. Don’t just service the customer – go the extra mile. Let them know how vital they are to your business. Most importantly, be a great listener in good times and in bad.

Don’t get me wrong, a great salesman has to be smart. You can’t just be a likeable, hard-working person with the dog characteristics above to be a constant performer. Intelligence is an absolute requirement in a salesperson today. You know your product, have done your homework on the prospect and as you listen to the business climate and customers – truly understand the improvements that your product or service can make for the person on the other side of the table. If you are wearing your thinking cap and carry the attributes above, you are going to win over a lot of new customers as well as keep the ones you have in house. Don’t be a cautious feline – be comfortable being a sales dog!

Happy Holidays! ~Drew Schmitz

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