Sexy or Great?

15 Nov


I attended a conference several years ago and heard a fascinating Swedish economist break marketing and sales down to two simple concepts for success: (1) Sell a product or service that is sexy like a peacock – or (2) Sell something that is great like a lion.

Are you the sexiest in the world at something? Or are you the best in the world somewhere in your service or product offering? The economist’s point was that if you’re not the best in the world in your market, your category or in the differentiators you offer, then you need to stand out like a sexy peacock.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on awesome. You aren’t Google – or Apple – so you have to dominate a space in the market in another way. There are areas in which you can be great. You have to be better – or strive to be better – than anyone else in your category. Maybe it’s in your area of town or maybe it’s a differentiator in your business that no one else offers. What is your niche?

And sexy… this doesn’t mean we need to be Victoria’s Secret (although that category can certainly work for a few companies or individuals). Does your brand resonate and make your audience truly excited? For example, Harley Davidson is a great motorcycle, but there are a lot of extremely good motorcycle companies out there. What they have built is a brand that inspires their fans to hang out with like-minded packs of people and even permanently tattoo its name on their bodies! They get their loyal audience excited to do something more than any other brand in the world. Harley consumers typically commit to buying only this motorcycle for life.

So the basic question to ponder this week – are you Sexy – or are you Awesome?

Make it a great week~ Drew Schmitz

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