The Average Person has 5,286 Emails in Their Inbox

18 Nov


PandoDaily did an extensive examination of 38,000 email inboxes back in 2013 and found that the average Outlook user has 5,286 emails in their inbox. If you look at the Pandodaily statistics, the numbers get even worse for non-Outlook users: I would argue that emails are the #1 issue in regards to time management in the office.

On Monday morning, I sat down to my desk and had 147 new email messages and it was an uncomfortable start to my week. I deleted about 75% and acted on or filed the rest in about an hour. As I write this on Tuesday, I have 34 emails in my inbox (90% of users have more than 75 emails).


I know there are hundreds of systems, but this is the one that I’ve mastered and strongly suggest that you use if your inbox is out of control: TRAF

Gimmee a “T” for Toss:

If you can delete it, don’t hesitate.

Gimmee an “R” for Refer:

Give it to someone else. The ball is in their court – so you can delete it.

Gimmee an “A” for Act:

Don’t leave it in there. Get it done (when it is on someone else’s plate, you get to… delete it).

Gimmee an “F” for File: 

The average Outlook user has 75 folders. I have a LOT of file folders – over 1,000 that I’ve slowly created for every client and everything else in between. I will argue until I’m blue in the face that my system is a lot easier and faster than doing a search through your deleted emails or sifting through an overloaded inbox. When in doubt, file it – just get it out of your inbox.

* Only read your emails at the beginning, middle and end of the day and get your life back.
*99% of your emails should only be “touched” once.
*Delete and sort quickly so that your inbox has meaning again.
*Create more folders (they are free, free, free!!).
*Dedicate one evening a month to getting your inbox back under 25.

Worst case scenario, just delete everything that’s over a month old and spend a half day sorting through anything that’s come in over the last few weeks. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clean inbox once again?

It’s time to grow faster.

~Drew Schmitz

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Twitter: @drew_schmitz



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