Don’t Worry about the Stupid Resume…

5 Nov


Last week I blogged on Resume Myths. This is a follow-up to that post on what you should be doing in your job search instead of fretting over your resume.

8 Job Search Recommendations:

  1. Target only 20 companies. Learn everything you can about each of them. Call their salespeople and ask them questions. Network like heck and tell everyone about the 20 companies where you want to work. Why not email that list to 100 people whom you trust?
  2. Study. Figure out how to talk on the telephone and interview. These skills, not your resume, are what get you job offers. Know everything there is to know about your profession and industry. Buy a few books.
  3. Network. If you are new in town or don’t really know 100 people, it’s time to really get out there and network. There are hundreds of opportunities within associations, chambers of commerce, LinkedIn groups, happy hours and your personal life. Church, sports and other organizations can be as strong of an opportunity to network as any other because those people trust you.
  4. Use social media. Get on board – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will give you access to people you’ve never dreamed of… and your digital strategy will demonstrate to companies that you are savvy and up to date with technology. Start writing a blog if you are a skilled writer and share your insights regarding your profession, management or specific industry. Did you know all of this is free? Specifically on LinkedIn, see who you are connected to that has ties to your 20 targets and ask for a call or introduction. Are you a social media pro needing a new idea? How about 5 tips for using Pinterest in your job search?:
  5. Get on the job boards. Yes – your state has free job boards to post your resume as well as your college alma mater. Ladders, CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice, eLance and Indeed are options to only name a few. After you have created that resume and had two people proof it, get it out there and cut and paste it onto LinkedIn to read exactly the same way. This point may be a little opposite of my earlier recommendation – but you’ve created it, why not get it out there just in case – and through these sites you can stay abreast on openings within your 20 targets.
  6. Create references. It’s not as much what you say but what other people say about you. Go nuts and ask 10 people to write you a letter of recommendation. Send them out with all of your resume submissions. Get those same people to write you a recommendation on LinkedIn.
  7. Find a mentor. Ask him or her for help. Successful people love to take someone under their wing. Your new mentor may be the person that gets you your next job.
  8. Make phone calls into the hiring managers. Ugh, you hate this part – but do you want to watch soap operas all day? They will see your bravado and be intrigued enough to ignore some of the flaws that likely exist on your resume.

BONUS – get creative! Check out Francis Homo’s resume at this link: I’d get him a job in a heartbeat.

It’s time to grow faster.

~Drew Schmitz

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