You Paid Them How Much for that Resume?

23 Sep


Job seeker – are you getting robbed? There are recruiters out there posing as resume writers. About 10% do quality work and charge a reasonable price… then there’s the other 90%.

Against my advice, a friend of mine paid a recruiter $2,700 this year for assistance with his “career search”. They invited him into their office lit with candles and proceeded to help him write a resume and cover letter. They also coached him on interview skills while pretending to proactively market him to clients and prospects. In the end, they sent him on one interview which turned out to be $25K below his expectations – and of course, they never found him a job.

I’m surprised that they didn’t send him to a palm reader and a LinkedIn consultant in order to rack up more fees…

8 Ways to Find a Job without Spending $:

  1. Don’t pay someone more than $300 to write your resume and cover letter. It’s a dang piece of paper, usually just with black words on it. There is no ultimate resume. The average recruiter or HR professional spends about 30 seconds looking at it. We read (a) the sentences below your name, (b) your job titles, (c) the dates of employment and (4) your employers’ names. Then we decide to contact you or put the resume away never to look at it again.
  2. Yes, get a LinkedIn profile; it should look exactly like your resume. Get at least 10 people to give you testimonials regarding your work performance and character.
  3. Please don’t waste your time filling out online applications unless you already went in for the interview.
  4. Call even if the ad says don’t. Call the hiring manager. Be aggressive like the early bird…
  5. Make your target list. You only need one job. Research and write down the 20 companies where you’d really enjoy working the most. I believe that is all you need.
  6. Get out there. Recruiters aren’t very proactive. You can network or call people; demonstrate that you are a driver (important for any job title).
  7. Your network will connect you to your dream job. Call everyone that you know and tell them “I want to work at one of these 20 companies. Can you help?”
  8. Do not pay a recruiter. Recruiters like me make money when we place people. We shouldn’t be charging job seekers and unemployed candidates who desperately need the money.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t utilized recruiters but as you can tell, I’m a little fired up about this topic. The dream job is a step away and you don’t have to pay a consultant to find it for you.

It’s time to grow faster.

~Drew Schmitz

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