8 Ideas for Sales Training

17 Sep


Being an energetic salesperson myself, I know we can be some of the most fickle employees in your workforce. That doesn’t mean we’re the most difficult as long as you keep us inspired!

Everyone needs training and motivation on a regular basis. Today, I just want to share eight ideas regarding how to keep your sales force motivated even if you are on a budget or running out of ideas for your more tenured employees.

8 Sales Training Ideas: 

  1. No agenda. Gather your sales force for an off-site meeting. Skip the agenda and instead let them create it at the start of the meeting. Shut up and let them share their experience and ideas for a half day. If you promote camaraderie in these meetings, your team is also more likely to help one another throughout the year.
  2. Make them read something.  Preferably it’s subject matter is about business or sales, but Huck Finn is always a good read. Then review the book at the next sales meeting.
  3. Send them to a sales seminar, speaker or conference. See me if you don’t have any ideas.
  4. Bring in an outsider. A sales trainer or consultant has a unique voice and perspective on your business that insiders will not. Senior salespeople are tired of hearing their manager “preach” and listen a little less every day. The outside expert can come in as a fresh face and voice but still echo the company’s same absolutes – along with a few new ideas.
  5. Ride-alongs. Stop preaching 🙂 and have sales management, owner or the C-suite go out on some calls with the salespeople. Something is always learned and there is a new appreciation in both directions.
  6. Buddy ’em up. Have the salespeople go out on a couple of appointments with a peer. Give them a scorecard so they can give one another quick feedback.
  7. Record it! At least once a year, we should ALL be watching and listening to ourselves sell. Record your calls and  videotape a mock appointment. I guarantee you that we’ll all find something to work on.
  8. Train the manager. Ask your salespeople individually how you can better motivate and manage them on a weekly basis. Have you ever asked this question? We have some learning to do as well.

I believe you should be doing every one of these every 3-6 months. Eight unique concepts are all you really need to keep most of us happy and continually learning!

It’s time to grow faster.

~Drew Schmitz

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