Why I Quit Golfing

8 Sep


As a middle-aged guy with three kids, one dog and a girlfriend, I decided  that I had to find more time. Being the nerd that I am, I broke it down like a math equation; if I have 17 hours a day after sleeping, I figure I only have 119 hours to use. I could sleep less, but the reality is an adult needs more than 7 hours of sleep, which means I need some margin for error. Let’s start with 110 hours…

  • W is for Work: 45 hours (best case scenario). Many of you have commutes to worry about so add it onto this total.
  • F is for Family: 26 hours a weekI can sort of put my kids in a box that many of you cannot. I have them 30% of the time, so I broke that down to 104 waking hours a month divided by four and that gave me 26 hours a week when I strive to be the World’s Best Dad (although I still haven’t been nominated). By the way, those of you that have them under your roof full time, are you giving them 26 focused hours a week?
  • R is for Refueling: 10 hours. Even if I quit golf, I still need a little cardio every day. So there goes 2.5 hours a week. And there’s that stuff called food – so there goes another hour a day or 7 hours a week.
  • M is for Maintenance: 7 hours. I’m not talking about the body; now I’m talking about your environment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that “household activities” in 2013 cost the average American another 2.4 hours a day. I’m cheating this category and going with unswept floors and outsourcing some of those needs and keeping it at 7.

 In a normal week, I then have 22 hours of leisure time.

  • The Daily News reports that the average American spends 34 hours a week watching television (I hope they are scrubbing floors and making dinner at the same time).
  • The normal golfer (my guess), plays 27 holes of golf a week. 2.25 hours per 9; that means another 8 hours are down the hole. Add in the commute time and let’s call it 9.

If you golf and watch as much television as the average American, you are short 19 hours every week which means work, family, sleep, refueling and maintenance are being short-changed. Do the math and figure out what you are doing with your free time.

It’s time to grow faster.

~Drew Schmitz

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