Make Sales a Game

10 Apr

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Sales leaders and salespeople, are you taking yourselves too seriously? I’m not suggesting that you don’t give every work day or client your best – the pressure is what worries me.

Stress can kill deals. You can be so concerned about closing a big account that you lose perspective. Sales is all about winning by helping the prospect or client win. Target, qualify and then close the deals where you can dramatically help your customer.

I’ve personally experience the two sides of this coin. On the worst days, I’m sweating bullets trying to close on the only 1-2 deals in the bottom of my funnel. I approach the prospects often with misdirected intensity or desperation. They can “feel” it sometimes and human nature in that situation, is to back off.

Normally, I don’t need the next deal. I want to win but I need customers that want to work with me. As I interact with prospects, I’m relaxed and enjoying the conversation – if they want to talk about the weather or the upcoming football game, I’m more than willing to discuss it. I want to develop a real relationship with them and simply lead them through the sales process. I want to win but not at all costs.

Forget about the sale and focus on the customer. Stop thinking about the commission and your need to pay the bills! Make it a game.

My point to all of this is that you will actually close more deals if you simply make it fun. I am not pie in the sky; my message may sound a little corny, but I’ve seen it work repeatedly within other companies as well as inside my own. Great businesses that throw a little relaxed play into the mix will win more often.

If you find yourself sweating more often than smiling, stop and think about the big picture. You better enjoy the chase or you are not suited for sales. If you are wired to be a salesperson, look at your work day as a game requiring practice and strategy – a field on which you are going to have a blast!

Make every day count!

~Drew Schmitz

Twitter: @drew_schmitz

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