8 Tools for Sales Jedi Knights

3 Apr

Belt prototype

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” –Yoda

A few years ago, I came up with the idea of the Sales Jedi Knight. He or she is so much more than just an aggressive extrovert with a good head on their shoulders (see an older post on Jedi Mind Tricks: http://wp.me/pYm3V-eX). A Sales Jedi Knight is always learning; they are both aggressive and patient; they listen with both their ears and eyes; they pay attention to the big picture as much as the nitty-gritty details; they embrace technology and relish the change ahead – and thus, the Sales Jedi Knight was born (at least in my head). This is the salesperson of the future whom Blue Octopus is always seeking!

Beyond the light saber, Jedi Knights always carry a few pieces of technology in their tool belt. Similarly, Sales Jedi Knights must be equipped with a few items of their own to help make their life run a little smoother. Today, I’d like to offer you some ideas that can make a big difference!  

Every Sales Jedi Knight should be using:

    1. Two Monitors: About three years ago, I set up a second monitor at my desk. If I could clear the left side of my desk, I would add a third monitor. Your average flat screen monitor costs about $100 – what are you waiting for? I don’t know how I ever worked without this setup.
    2. A Headset: I began using a headset at my desk many years ago. The delight of simply having both hands free! Even better, once people see it on your head, they tend to leave you alone so you can focus on getting to your prospects and clients (and out of the office by 5:00!). I’m still looking for one with a light on it (to show you are on a live call). Send me your suggestions!
    3. A Bluetooth: I’m not encouraging you to drive and talk – but if you must, please get a Bluetooth for your cell phone. What about using it on that walk to the car? How about during your time in between appointments? Or as you walk around the office? I would highly recommend a LG HBS700 headset (which also works great for listening to music).
    4. A Silent Keyboard: Most laptops will accomplish this but often you are probably at a PC. For $20-30 you can get a 4-5 star silent keyboard on Amazon.
    5. Voicemails to Email: If you aren’t currently using a voicemail system that converts your messages to texts or emails, it’s definitely time to consider this. I use Google Voice for free.
    6. A Loaded Cell Phone: Ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t just a telephone. It’s really a computer in your pocket. As much as you need a laptop or tablet, you need a cell phone loaded like its your old PC. Download Salesforce or your CRM (mainly for contact look up), social media apps like LinkedIn and anything related to software that you need to access at work. I also use four cloud storage drives in order to share documents that I’m using between my iPad, desktop computer and cell phone: OneDrive, Dropbox, Cubby and iCloud (all free with at least 1 Gig of storage). And don’t forget about your camera – it’s essentially a scanner so you can photograph receipts and documents as a backup option – or a way to get rid of the paper altogether. I try to download and try one new app every week. Share your favorites with me!
    7. An Assistant: Ha – a real administrative assistant isn’t in the budget?! For $10 an hour you could hire an assistant in India who can be doing your research, correspondence, documentation, proofing and more while you are sleeping. I’ve used virtual assistants to recruit for me when in a pinch and to set up appointments for me. Google “virtual assistant India” and interview a few companies.
    8. A Streaming Media Player: This is a fun one. For $35 you can get a Google Chromecast HDMI plug that can transfer anything from a phone, tablet or laptop to a larger monitor. Need to run a presentation on the overhead? Want to unwind to a Netflix movie back at the hotel? You are going to like this dongle! If you aren’t a Google fan, here are some other options for accomplishing this: http://learninginhand.com/blog/5-ways-to-show-your-ipad-on-a-projector-screen.html.

Other than a Virtual Assistant, my list above will cost you less than $300. Put something new into your work week. Good luck Jedis!

Make every day count!

~Drew Schmitz





Twitter: @drew_schmitz

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