8 Ways to Sell More Creatively

14 Jan

Lit light bulb amongs unlit incandescent bulbs

In 2014, you will run into more sales obstacles than ever: a slew of competitors, pricing pressure, ignored emails and voicemail messages; and no one wants to meet for a quick lunch anymore. Selling now requires creativity more than ever. Are you thinking outside the proverbial box?

I’m not only in the sales business, but I’m also in the job seeking business. The same “sales” mentality exists for both the employed and unemployed…

Here are 8 really creative stories to hopefully inspire your sales tactics this year:

  1. A Pennsylvania banker sent his future boss a resume in a Starbuck’s cup via FedEx (so that he would have to sign for it). He followed up with a phone call asking him if he’d like to meet over a cup of coffee (it worked and he got the job).
  2. Jamie Varon created a website TwitterShouldHireMe.com and was soon employed by Twitter.
  3. A guy in Dallas walked around during the morning rush hour with a sandwich board – he found a job that same day.
  4. Alec Browstein bought Google ad words of the names of the marketing executives he wanted to work for.  When these execs typed their own name into Google, they found Alec’s resume and portfolio link. He quickly found employment.
  5. A salesman put colored star stickers on his resume and at the top it said “hire a sales star”. Corny? Yes, but it didn’t take him long to find a job.
  6. A web designer, unasked, redesigned a marketing company’s website – they liked it so much they hired him as a Senior Web Designer.
  7. Several years ago, I asked our sales team to deliver donuts. A new donut shop opened up in Minneapolis called Krispy Kreme and it was all the rage. We picked up 100 boxes of donuts and delivered them all over town to our best prospects. Our company was able to get into more than 30 accounts that we had never worked with in the past.
  8. I like to learn something about the individual person I’m prospecting. Everyone has a passion that you can play into – like golf or their alma mater – which can really mean something to your prospect. So I often figure out their college or university background and send them a banner from their school. I can’t tell you how many times this opened the door to them taking my phone call.

I’ve heard about salespeople sending a shoe to get their “foot in the door” and how it has repeatedly worked for them… Yes, most of these ideas sound crazy or unorthodox at a minimum, but right now the company or decision maker isn’t even talking to you. If you have done your homework in deciding they are a good target, what do you have to lose ??? Risk embarrassment, be willing to look a little crazy, differentiate and get to “HECK NO” or “YES” a little faster in 2014!

Make every day count!




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