15 Nov


It’s the off-season for interns but it doesn’t mean you can’t hire them in the coming months.

For the past seven years, I have worked with interns in my own business. They are talented, tech savvy and more productive than you probably realize! Having managed them myself and worked with 100 employers hiring them, I’ve also learned the do’s and don’ts of working with interns. Interns shouldn’t be hired too quickly and they shouldn’t be put in a corner closet and left to fend for themselves!

Over the years, I was so impressed with the experience in working with them, I decided to help employers find them three years ago. I rarely tout it, but Blue Octopus has a subdivision, blueinternsandgrads.com, that can do the recruiting for you – especially if you are seeking sales and marketing candidates.

Here are My Highlights of How to Find and Manage a Great Intern:

1 – Have a specific job description before you start looking!
2 – Put some real work into the search and interview process so you hire a strong intern (design criteria for applicants and interview questions – and consider testing).
3 – Place a single person in charge of hiring and managing the intern but have others involved in their mentorship (internships are about teaching too).
4 – Be clear on the expectations on their first day (and week to week). I would suggest laying out a general weekly schedule of their likely responsibilities.
5 – Have a weekly review with the intern over coffee to discuss how it’s going and to provide feedback. 15 minutes is often all it takes.
6 – Be there daily for their questions.
7 – Offer a flexible set schedule to work with their class schedule.
8 – Stay in touch with them after the internship (especially if they are sophomores or juniors). If they did a great job, why aren’t you hiring them?

Overall, make it an enjoyable experience – they are here to learn and see that your workplace can be a fun place to work!

Make every day count!




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