7 Oct


A quick thought for a Monday…

Good to very good companies with big mouths are beating out great companies in America. It ties into who has the biggest sales & marketing budget and the size of their sales force; overall the most aggressive business development campaigns win.

  • Are Coca-Cola’s beverages the best on earth? No, they spend more than $4 billion annually on marketing.
  • Is Pfizer’s Viagra better than the other ED options? 🙂 Well maybe, but if you don’t believe it, they hammer you over the head with their $1.2 billion dollar budget.
  • Does McDonald’s make the best cheese burger? No, it’s a small and at best, very average little burger.  But McD’s spends an estimated $2.3 billion annually on marketing.
  • Is it that big buck the reason more of us to turn to Hartford Financial? Or is it the 175,000 salespeople they employ in America??

Yes, I’m mocking the big companies a bit, but I am envious. My point is you need to be LOUD to grow your sales today. This doesn’t mean you need an enormous budget, but you better figure out how to get the most out of your sales force and marketing dollars. How are they spending their time? Are you capitalizing on the cheaper avenues of social media, e-newsletters, and digital marketing strategy?

If your product or service is very good, I would encourage you to put less emphasis on being perfect – and more on sales and marketing.

You only need to be great to the niche you service.

Does everyone in that niche know that you exist? 

Grow – be a big mouth!

Make every day count!


Twitter: @drew_schmitz

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