Screaming Sales and Marketing

6 Jun

stock-footage-scary-boss-a-businessman-with-megaphone-mexican-wrestling-mask-and-caution-and-danger-tapeMy apologies if my image is a little scary this week, but I couldn’t resist.

Business development – it’s all about screaming sales and marketing. At least after you master the leadership and operations components (see my May 15th blog posting). Wikipedia’s definition: “business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities“.

You know how to lead a company and develop people. You have a good idea in your product or service. Now there is really only thing that can totally screw it up – sales and marketing!

So categorically, what is sales and marketing exactly? That’s what I’m here to help you breakdown.


  • “Traditional Marketing” – It’s the sales materials, billboards, radio, yellow pages, and more. It is important for all businesses, but getting really expensive for small companies.
    • Strategy: the classic four P’s: Price, product, promotion and placement!
    • Branding and communications
    • Supply chain management
  • Digital Media – SEO (search engine optimization), your web site, email campaigns, and oh, those 100 social media sites. This is affordable but confusing. Because of that confusion, too many business are falling behind.


  • The top of the sales funnel – Assuming you know your target market – it’s cold calling, qualifying, and lead generation.
  • The middle of the funnel – Warm calling, lead follow-up, networking, and carrying your business card wherever you go.
  • The bottom of the funnel (it’s the best part!):
    • Meetings, proposals and demos. I’m a big believer in metrics. You should know what your percentages here so you can predict future sales.
    • Closing time. Some businesses do all of the above well, but don’t finish. We talk about closing all the time, but we still don’t work on it enough.

Overall, what is important in business development? Here are our Eight Octopus H’s or Oh8’s:

  1. Having a solid business plan (fixed and flexible)
  2. Hiring the right people
  3. Holding onto ALL your good employees
  4. Helping them succeed
  5. Harping on teamwork
  6. Hacking the problems (inside and out)
  7. Hyping your business process (written, posted, trained, measured and retrained)
  8. Heaping the rewards (rinse and repeat over and over and over again)

And what is this new version of sales & marketing in 2013? Over my next four blogs this summer, I will delve into digital media strategy and the three sales categories listed above. It’s time to perfect your sales and marketing process!

Make it a great day~ Drew Schmitz


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