Software Sales 2013

3 Jan


Good Day America!

I’m writing today after a long pause (yes, I get overloaded too!) to shift my sales focus in 2013 to software sales. I have been working in the software field – selling and recruiting for the past three years. Going forward, I’d like to isolate my blog exclusively to this niche to attract anyone interested in that conversation.

Questions to be asked and answered in blog posts ahead:

  • Cloud software – to be or not to be? What’s that mean about all the rest?
  • In general as a salesperson, how do I sell this “stuff”?
  • How is selling software different than selling other goods and services?
  • What industries are hot in software in the U.S. today?
  • Where do you find a good salesperson?

My intention ahead isn’t to sell me, but to communicate with you and stay current on the latest trends and sales topics in the software field. We perform an amazing service! There’s a lot of great software out there but not enough great selling organizations and salespeople. I vow to continue to keep it personal and lively as well, so stay away from those dull posts and please ride along with me!

Make it a great day~

Drew Schmitz


One Response to “Software Sales 2013”

  1. Dan Smoot January 3, 2013 at 8:46 pm #

    The momentum behind Cloud software is amazing right now.

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