8 Ways to Sell Happiness

29 Jun

I attended a conference a few years ago and heard a fascinating economist break marketing down to two simple concepts for success: (1) Sell something Awesome or (2) Sell Sexy.

We all know that selling good stuff doesn’t work anymore. Unless you have no interest in your clients and customers returning – or you don’t care about making a profit. So this evolved 20 years ago in America to three buckets: (1) Quality (2) Service or (3) Price. Supposedly, you could choose two quadrants and build a billion dollar business, but that quickly shifted to companies like Intel, Disney World, and Wal-Mart DOMINATING one category.

I’m not ignoring all of the above. These are really the foundation for good sales and marketing. But in spirit of keeping it simple and focusing on one category, my version of sales & marketing today is only one quadrant: Sell Happiness.

Here’s how I would do it:

  1. Focus on a very specific niche and have a clear message
  2. Figure out what makes your clients and customers ecstatic
  3. Blow the client away in every way possible
  4. Have fun doing it and make sure everyone working there is having fun
  5. Own up to your mistakes – don’t just fix them, apologize, never make the same mistake twice – and learn from them
  6. Don’t fret about making mistakes, you will; mistakes should be encouraged (see steps above)
  7. Get to know people on a personal level and don’t fake it
  8. Collect clients and customers who appreciate/understand all of the above

Make sure to tell a lot of unoffensive jokes along the way – belly laughs and snorts are encouraged!

Make it a great day~ Drew Schmitz




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