8 Ideas on What to Tweet?

19 Jun

People often ask me how I stick with posting and tweeting on a regular basis. How can I possibly have something to say almost every day? It comes natural to me, but I do get “Tweeter’s block” occasionally, and consult my list to come up with ideas.

8 Octopus ideas to keep it fresh:

  1. Share data, a tip, or an interesting factoid
  2.  Re-Tweet a news article or current story on your area of influence
  3. Start a poll, ask a question or for help – to start a conversation
  4.  Tell everyone about an event you attended, will attend, or are holding at your company; or share a meeting you just had with someone one on one and thank them in that post
  5. Recommend a site or tool you found on-line
  6.  Just say something funny (be yourself, be authentic, don’t be a Target or Best Buy logo without personality)
  7. Post inspirational quotes from someone famous or something you read
  8.  Remember a picture paints a thousand words

Consult my check list whenever you are wondering what to share next. You need to build it into your routine and not force it, but by just doing it for a year, I basically created my system so that using social media isn’t laborious for me.

Maintain a variety of types of tweets. If you try to pitch your product every day, people will stop listening. If you share interesting nuggets and vary your approach, people will be drawn to you if they are interested in the same topics.

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t tell us you mowed the lawn or got the groceries, but I think being yourself and being real is interesting. Tell us what is happening in your universe that 100  other people aren’t talking about that day.

Make it a great day~ Drew Schmitz




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