Sales Body Language

10 Jun

I’m all about being genuine, but there are hundreds of subtle aspects to the sales trade that move you down the path faster to getting to the decision maker, developing a better relationship, or closing a sale. It’s more about your non-verbal cues than your verbal cues that demonstrate confidence.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite non-verbals to pay attention to when in front of a prospect or customer:

  1. Don’t sit across the table – try to get the spot next to them. This may be difficult to manuever in a meeting with just one person, but usually you can grab the seat at the table so that you are only looking across the corner of the table in meeting in a conference room (don’t sit down until they are seated).
  2. Your posture shouldn’t be pulled in or closed. Lift your chest and spread your shoulders out and back. Put your hands on the table with palms up when not writing or talking to show openness that you are listening.
  3. Holding your hands in front of you while standing is a defensive gesture. You are trying to show open almost vulnerable postures – be relaxed and open (no one is going to punch you).
  4. Do not twitch your fingers or hands while in front of a customer or prospect. Your hands should usually be ABOVE the table and seen when listening or writing. Hold a pen in your hand when you are talking or brochure / document should be your only props.
  5. Don’t touch your face when talking. It is a sign you are shy or indecisive.
  6. Do not cross your arms. We tend to do this more often to stay warm, but your client or prospect may take it as disagreement (see Brad Pitt in Fight Club).
  7. Don’t be rigid or hunched over. You are going for a relaxed look where your shoulders are pulled back and your back is straight.
  8. Hold your head and eyes up. Your neck should feel like it is exposed.
  9. Don’t lick or bite your lips.
  10. Do not smile or laugh excessively. I’m all for someone smiling, but if you do it too often, it can be taken as a sign of nervousness.
  11. Move slower. Everything in your confidence mode is probably slower than you think. Because you are so comfortable, you aren’t startled by everything and you move slower than the other people around you.
  12. Don’t blink too often. If this an issue for you, blink your eyes slower. Let your eyelids relax and let them droop a bit.
  13. Don’t shift your eyes around when speaking. It’s important to maintain a steady gaze at the customer or prospect’s face.
  14. Use direct eye contact, but not too much! It can look a little weird if you don’t look away. Your eyes should be on the person or people you are meeting with about two-thirds of the time optimally.
  15. If you are thinking in response to a question, you will appear more confident looking directly at the person or to the side (not down).

Make it a great day~ Drew Schmitz


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