The 5 Answers to Closing a Sale

6 Dec

1. Value – Why is your service or product good for your prospect? Compare your value to their needs. If you fit, the selling gets a lot easier.

2. Return on Investment – Value can be more intangible, but also isolate the time and/or money component. What is the gain or loss to their business if they purchase from you? You need to consider this from the initial conversation and determine the right measurements along with the prospect’s expected outcome(s).

3. Budget – Do they have a sufficient budget to buy from you now? Uncover this earlier by simply asking questions – don’t wait until the very end to talk money. Be comfortable talking about their budget!

4. Process – How do they make buying decisions historically? What is their decision-making process? Of course, you need to know WHO, but by asking HOW their process works, you’ll learn a lot more.

5. Climate – If you do everything promised from the onset, will the prospect buy your stuff? Just ask and repeat this question every month if you have a longer sales cycle. If you do everything right, they still might not purchase from you. It’s important to continually ask them to promise to buy if you put all the work into the deal.

Quite often, we way over complicate sales. It’s about identifying a buyer, getting an audience with them, and answering the questions above. Get these five categories answered early in the sales process and you can rule out some prospects faster – and use that time to focus on the deals that are ready to be closed.

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz


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