8 Needs of Every Saleperson

27 Oct
  1. Direction – Creating a clear plan and goals seems simple, but many salespeople don’t have them. They are told to go “sell more stuff” and build their commission. It’s not a solid plan and can be equally unmotivating to great and poor performers in sales.
  2. Lead Generation – Whether someone else is feeding them leads or your sales representatives need to create them all on their own, most lead gen systems need improvement and focus.
  3. A Clear Value Proposition – Asking the right open-ended questions and communicating the link to your value proposition is absolutely critical. Create a script that leans on your key differentiators and ask the open-ended questions to lead your audience back to your strengths.
  4. Closing Ability – Most salespeople can start a sale, get an appointment, and find qualified buyers, but the most difficult part of selling is closing. Does your sales force understand what an ideal appointment looks like? Are you developing their closing skills every week?
  5. Consistency – More than anything, sales professionals require continual and just-in-time management. If they are only being coached at the weekly sales meeting, it’s not enough.
  6. Encouragement – Confidence is vital to sales success. Are you giving your sales force a steady dose of inspiration and reminding them that they are important part of your organization? If people aren’t reminded of their strengths on a consistent basis, they will often fail.
  7. A Sounding Board – When a prospect throws something at them from left field or they just have a bad day, salespeople need someone to listen. If they can’t share their frustrations internally, it will negatively affect their next sales calls and appointments.
  8. Regular Training & Feedback – Don’t wait until the quarterly or annual review to tell them what they need to work on (and what they do well!). Training and feedback should happen every week and a salesperson should be measured on their progress every month.

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz





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