I Like the Fat Policeman

20 Sep

If you work in sales or business, you have to get along with people. I think the aspects that make anyone likable are primarily three things:

  • Follow through on your promises
  • Quality of work or relationship and
  • Being genuine

Doing what you say (follow through) and doing it well (quality) are probably pretty obvious – although the continuum on that varies greatly from person to person and business to business. What I’d like to cover is the authenticity bullet – being yourself and also being approachable.

I’ll briefly describe two people, and I want you to tell me who you would rather work with:

Thomas Peanuckle IV – John is a tall, fit, smart and talented attorney. John dresses in three piece suits and his hair is always perfect. You often end up talking about the weather, lawn care, and sports with John. Or you listen to his stories about the great places he visited on his last vacation. Your relationship with John is very transactional and to the point, but you highly respect his point of view on legal topics.

Henry Smith – “Hank” is the fat fireman – or maybe he’s a policeman that lives on your block (the one with all the dandelions in the front lawn). Hank is always wearing sweat pants and his shirt is never ironed. The first time you met him he asked you 99 questions you didn’t really have time to answer. He’s always building something in his garage that he wants you to stop by and take a look at. Hank is always happy, cracking jokes, and whistling some tune.

I want to be more like Hank. I want to buy stuff from the Hanks of the world. My friends are often versions of him. It’s not about judging the cover of the book, but the real person I connect with in my business and social life. Don’t get me wrong, you need a few Thomases in your universe, but they are usually too guarded and you never really get to know them… ultimately, you never get to trust them as much as the fat policeman that lives down the road.

People buy from people because they like them – because they trust them. Are you trying to be too perfect, or are you willing to let down your guard, tell the truth about your weaknesses and really get to know your customers on a different level? They won’t trust you until they get to know you. Be yourself and start worrying more about the quality of your interactions. Be authentic!

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz




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