Sales 001

26 Jul

No, that’s not a typo. There’s Sales 101, but I want to get to the root, root core of sales and it’s only two things:

(1) Sell something that people NEED, or think they need.

(2) Whatever you sell, make sure you communicate your VALUE as well as you possibly can.

It’s not a bag of tricks, but these two simple aspects are critical to selling even one toothpick…

Sell Something Needed (SSN) – If you don’t sell a relevant product or service, than it’s like selling ice to Inuits. It won’t work. And pay attention to the second part of SSN, your prospect’s PERCEPTION of that need is more important than anything. They need to think they need it. I’m not suggesting you sell a crappy product for big dollars because I couldn’t live with that even though I’d make more money than I do now. You need to sell something really cool and you need to find the audience that thinks it rocks – then it gets easy (after a lot of work).

If your company has been around for a long time and leadership doesn’t adjust to the needs of your customers and prospects, then I’d jump ship and work somewhere else. Please SSN.

Communicate Your Value (CYV) – This is even tougher than the first law of Sales 001. I have struggled for years to do a better job of communicating (and I’m not done learning yet). In the past, I would say to myself “I have a great service, high integrity, I’m really good at it, and I work my tail off to boot… why aren’t they lining up?“. It isn’t how good you are – it’s how prospects and customers perceive you and your company’s product or service. I would recommend obsessing about your messaging  when you CYV – your website (mine’s getting an overhaul soon), your marketing, your sales pitch, etc. If it’s not crystal clear, you’re throwing darts. If it’s vivid and directed at the right audience, it starts getting easier (after a lot of work).

Ask your customers what they need and value. SSN and CYV – or don’t bother.

Make Every Day Count~ Drew Schmitz,


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