Crazy from the Heat

19 Jul

It’s so hot in Minnesota right now you can fry a raw steak on the sidewalk… two more days of 96 degrees ahead. We’re Minnesotans, not accustomed to anything over 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The mosquitoes are also on the attack… pray we survive.

Speaking of crazy and discomfort, I’d like to encourage everyone to act a little crazier in the days ahead. Business and sales are all about DIFFERENTIATION, meaning be DIFFERENT.

People seem to be forgetting this very simple concept – don’t act like everyone else. Don’t sell like everyone else, don’t price like everyone else, and don’t be like everyone else. Put your chin up, your chest out, and act a little weird. Say things that other people wouldn’t say (make sure they are sincere and well thought out words). Try something new. Take on a weird project you’ve never serviced before. Over-commit and then figure out how to over-deliver.

My recruiting pricing schedule is like no one else that I can find. My web site for Blue Octopus is a little weird and unfortunately, it’s all in Java script – hence, it  needs a lot of updating two years later. My clients are all shapes and sizes and colors and I like it that way. I ask people if they are a Squiggle, Circle, Triangle or Square (see my last blog)… I fire clients… I talk some clients out of working with me… I take a break every afternoon even if I schedule a lunch meeting… Today, I wore my flip-flops to three different meetings. But you know what? Blue Octopus and Blue Interns and Grads are crazy busy and we like it that way.

Wow your clients with outstanding service, but surprise your target audience. If a few of your prospects out there don’t think you’re just a little bit crazy, you are definitely doing something wrong.

Make Every Day Count~ Drew Schmitz


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