Plant the Seeds

28 Jun

I opened Blue Octopus 21 months ago after working for Jeane Thorne for 18 years (including college). Being the occasionally cocky SOB that I am, I assumed it would take me 12 months to “succeed” with my new venture. It took me at least 6 months more than that before I realized I can probably now do this for the rest of my life.

One of the key lessons I have taken away from this experience is the value of all the seeds I planted oh-so-long-ago… the relationships and friends I’ve kept since my college years, developed in the first 13 years of my working career, and even built back to elementary and high school. PLANT THE SEEDS ladies and gentleman and be more patient than I was in reaping them. If you need to grow your business or are in sales and just need to grow your commissions, plant the seeds. Be patient.

Here are Eight suggestions as you start / continue building your personal pipeline:

  1. Be kind to everyone. Don’t ignore the gardener or the garbage man. And be nice to your grandma too.
  2. Keep a log of everyone you know. Use Facebook, Outlook, LinkedIn, or your cell phone and don’t lose these relationships. Back it up in case of a technology meltdown – I use Carbonite and Windows Mesh AND Google Apps to make sure floods, fires, and volcanic eruptions can’t stop me.
  3. Facebook and LinkedIn (again), Twitter, Groupon, and Youtube. “Waste” some time learning these tools and you will profit.
  4. Of course you have a Vision or Goals (right?)… next comes a FOCUSED targeting of your prospects. Mail, call, email, and social media them to death until they say Hell Yes or Hell No.
  5. Network, network, network. I’ll blog about where someday.
  6. Ask people to breakfast and lunch. Skip the mid morning and mid afternoon coffees – you have work to do.
  7. Wait. Don’t rush people. Take naps, drive the speed limit, go on vacation, hang out with friends and family, and make sure you can cover your expenses while you twiddle those thumbs impatiently.
  8. Be authentic, real, and genuine. Pursue your passions and become skilled in those areas and dollars will follow.

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz

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