21 Jun

It drives you every day… every hour. Fear of your client, your boss, your spouse, your parents, nightmares, and the Jones’s next door.

You can never eliminate it (the stress from fears), but you can control it MORE THAN YOU THINK. Start by removing a couple fears by simply facing them.

A few ideas:

  • Call the worst customer back FIRST.
  • Tell your boss you want a raise, but elaborate and show him/her why you deserve it.
  • Tell your spouse the worst thing you ever did in college! Doesn’t that feel better?
  • Call your mom or dad and tell them you love them. Forgive them for all their human faults.
  • Fire your worst friends that don’t make you feel good.
  • Go snake hunting.
  • Jump out of an airplane.
  • Stop doing what “society” tells you to do. Do the “right thing”. It doesn’t hurt anyone and makes you feel better to drive an old car or not weed the lawn this summer. Simply stop caring about what everyone thinks outside of your top 10 family and friends.

That’s about it. Start growing your company, your sales, and your relationships and you’ll start feeling better tomorrow.

Make EVERY day count~ Drew Schmitz



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