You Only Need One Good Job

18 Feb

Here are a few of my favorite all time creative methods for getting a job (they all actually worked):

  • A Pennsylvania banker sent his future boss a resume in a Starbuck’s cup via FedEx (so that he would have to sign for it). Then he followed up with a phone call asking him if he’d like to meet over a cup of coffee.
  • Jamie Varon created a website and was soon employed by Twitter.
  • A guy in Dallas walked around during the morning rush hour with a sandwich board – he found a job that same day.
  • Alec Browstein bought Google ad words of the names of the marketing executives he wanted to work for.  When these execs typed their own name into Google, they found Alec’s resume and portfolio link.
  • A salesman put colored star stickers on his resume and at the top it said “hire a sales star”.
  • A web designer, unasked, redesigned a marketing company’s website – they liked it so much they hired him as Senior Web Designer.

What do these six job search techniques have in common?  They are all a little crazy and would certainly be considered too brash or bold by a number of people.

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? Black and white resumes don’t do much on their own right now when unemployment is high.  Take a chance and risk offending someone to get the job you are looking for.  9 employers might roll their eyes at your approach, but I bet the 10th one will hire you.  You only need one good job, right?

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz

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