9 Tips for Writing a Dynamic Resume

3 Dec

1. Send a cover letter whenever you submit a resume and always address it to a specific person. If you don’t know who to send it to, find out, or do not bother submitting it.  Customize at least one or two sentences in the cover letter to keep it unique and directed to a specific position or organization.

2. Begin your resume with a clear objective statement tailoring it for every company (i.e., “I am seeking a position as a Recruiter within a dynamic organization like Blue Octopus in the sales recruiting industry!”).

3. Limit your resume to just one or two pages. Hiring managers prefer resumes that are clear and to the point.

4. List a personal email address and phone number. Check for responses at least twice a day. Do not include your current work number or email address (which would suggest that you will continue that practice at work in your next position). Review your email name (sillyputty@gmail.com?) and voicemail message to ensure it will represent you in a professional manner.

5. Do not use the list-skills-first model and bury the company names and dates. Employers typically want to see employment history listed chronologically with the most recent dates at the top indicating the month and year start/end dates for each position.

6. Include references separately on the last page (as a second or third page), or simply have them prepared to present when an employer requests them. Include at least three business references of direct supervisors and managers – not co-workers or friends. Ask for permission to list someone as a reference so ongoing stay in touch with your former boss!

7. Exclude personal items from your resume. Obviously, do not include your age, race, sex, handicaps, or marital status. Also, do not include specific religious affiliations, hobbies, or anything that might cause you to be assessed as being as less than professional.

8. Create a vibrant resume! Read it and ask yourself, “Would I hire this person?” Your resume paints a vivid picture of you are and where you want to go. Sell yourself and your accomplishments. Convince employers that you can make strong bottom-line contributions by explaining how you increased productivity, morale, sales, or profitability in the past. Ask someone you trust to proof read and improve it. Use a professional design that will grab attention. Despite everything said above, do not be afraid to differentiate yourself so that you stand out from other candidates

9. Once your personalized resume has been submitted, your job search has only begun. A great resume will not find the job for you. Follow up by phone or email with prospective employers to seek a personal interview. At the end of each interview, ask the person you are meeting “What is the next step?” and continue to follow up. Demonstrating a sincere sense of interest and urgency will keep you at the top of the list!

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz

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