I’m Gonna Muster Every Ounce of Confidence I Have

12 Nov

You are nervously rushing to the interview. Everything is racing through your head – Did I do enough research on the company?  Is my hair OK?  What will they ask me? Am I ready for all their questions? Did I wear the right outfit?  Should I have printed more copies of my resume? Should I ask about salary on the first interview? Is the shaving cut on my cheek going to be distracting? What if they don’t like me?

Slow down.

This is just another subtle step in your job search. If you make this interview, THE interview, you will walk in harried and stressed. You’ll force it, babble on without a clear answer, and probably not get invited back for the second interview.

Remember, the person across the table, regardless of their job title, probably wants you to like them too. They may even be nervous to be meeting you. The interviewer may have countless thoughts and worries running through their head, and they too, probably don’t feel prepared for the interview. It may be your responsibility to ease their tension in this interview.

An interview is like a sales call. You want the person across the table to trust you and that trust is built through confidence, authenticity, and by asking good questions. I think it is more important to ASK good questions on an interview than to worry about having the perfect answers to the interviewer’s questions.

So my suggestion is, walk through their door as confident as you possibly can. No, you didn’t prepare well enough. It’s like a midterm paper, you can never prepare well enough, but at some point you just have to turn in the paper. This is the time and you are walking into maybe the best opportunity of your life. Is your chin up? Are you excited?

Relax, it’s just an interview. Be yourself and walk in with enthusiasm and confidence – if it is meant to be, everything will fall into place.

Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz

One Response to “I’m Gonna Muster Every Ounce of Confidence I Have”

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