After the Boys of Summer Have Gone

8 Sep

Nobody on the road. No body on the beach. It’s back to school time for your kids and back to work time for you.

Employers –  Are you behind on your 2010 numbers?  If you are a sales-based organization, it’s time to stop blaming the economy. You control your own destiny. Either you aren’t giving your sales force the proper support and training, or your sales force isn’t cutting the mustard. Time to replace the low performer. It’s at least time to start actively interviewing alternative candidates.

Your best performers should be asked – “what else can I do to help you surpass your sales objectives?”  Your low performers, should be pushed and if they aren’t moving your prospects forward, it might be time to move forward in different ways.

Sales & marketing candidates – Don’t wait until the New Year to find a better job.  If unemployed, don’t allow yourself to be unemployed on October 1. It’s time to put in 80 hours weeks until a job is landed. Desperate times call for desperate efforts.

Do not submit blind resumes to companies you don’t know. Talk to your inner circle and tell those people where you want to work. Target 10-50 companies for a specific reason and call the hiring manager after you uncover his or her email address (try LinkedIn or googling “Drew Schmitz” and “*” to find an email address… the email suffix after @ is the same as their web site address).  It’s time to start getting creative or you’ll never get any call backs.

The most creative job search method I’ve ever seen:

Happy hiring and happy job hunting!  Make every day count~ Drew Schmitz

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