Can’t Get No – Satisfaction?

11 Aug

Is job satisfaction still plummeting? In the Star Tribune earlier this year, they ran an article in the business section about the lack of job satisfaction in American today:

Jeannine Aversa cited a survey done by the Conference Board Research Group measuring job satisfaction of Americans. Job satisfaction in America was at 45.3% in 2009 – steadily dwindling since 1987 when it reached 61.1%.

Job satisfaction = happiness.  Happier employees are more productive, more efficient, easier to work with or manage, and more effective overall. I want to be more effective and I know your boss wants you to be more effective. So why not get yourself into a more satisfying role – hopefully at the company you are currently working at? If you don’t speak up, your boss might not know you are dissatisfied in some areas of your job.

The economy has been horrible for a couple of years. I know that’s not new news to you.  Lately, I am seeing a lot of candidates who want to jump ship just because something was taken away and I think this reaction is often an overreaction. The grass is not as green on the other side of the fence as you may think. Business in many cases had to cut and take a few dollars away from their employees. In the case of sales professionals, obviously your commission check had a higher probability of going down over the last couple years. Try to get it right where you sit. Unless your paycheck is bouncing, everyone owes their current employer a loud and clear “I-need-these-things-please” presented to them.

Don’t like your job? Make it a better one in the year ahead. Hate your job? Okay, go ahead and find a better one starting now.

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