Big Time or Small Change?

22 Jul

Smaller is better and I’ll give you 20 reasons why.

I started my recruiting business, Blue Octopus Search & Consulting, less than a year ago. As a one man show, you are forced to keep things simple and for a while, I hated this. You don’t have enough money, but that’s OK. I had a chance to walk before I ran. I created a $1K web site that looks like it cost $10K.  I slowed down and figured out a good business plan, a good pricing strategy, a good tactical approach, and I reworked it all over again 6 months later.  Outsourcing became the name of the game so that I could sell, sell, and sell some more. Living in St. Paul for the last 19 years, I have lived in small dorms, small houses, small rooms, and parked in small garages. This all seemed very limiting, and for a while I hated this.  But I’m starting to realize, I have the advantage over many of the biggest companies out there.

20 Reasons Why Smaller is Better:

  1. Small decisions don’t create big problems.
  2. A series of small decisions lead to BIG opportunities.
  3. Smaller portions are better for our health.
  4. Small forces you to be frugal, and frugal forces you to think about money.
  5. Making slower financial decisions is a good thing.  Perfect it before you throw money at it.
  6. Smaller companies can be self-financed and make better decisions for their customers.
  7. Being smaller makes you nimble.
  8. Every client is vital to a small company.
  9. Small companies typically have more clients and aren’t handcuffed by one big one.
  10. The 80/20 rule isn’t always good.  I like it better when your top 20% of your clients, make up 50% of profits.
  11. The Twins used to play small ball and won 5 AL Central titles doing so.  Now they swing for the fences and as of July 22 are in 3rd place.
  12. Everyone roots for the little guy.
  13. Little guys can fit better in airplanes (and in VW Beetles and Mini Coopers).
  14. Smaller is greener.
  15. Small companies tend to have better cultures.
  16. Great small companies retain their employees longer.
  17. Did I say that small companies are more nimble?  OK, I know I did, but it needs to be reinforced.
  18. If you work at a small company, you know who the boss is – and you can share your ideas with him or her.
  19. The world is flat, small companies have similar resources to the big companies (so stop making excuses).
  20. Read 4 Hour Work Week and Rework and learn 120 more reasons why being smaller is better.

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