Take this Job and Shove It

1 Jul

If you hate your current job, maybe it’s your fault.  Are you blaming your employer for the lousy economy?  They didn’t create the banking crisis.  Your employer didn’t give out bad loans.  They didn’t light the volcano in Iceland.  And they didn’t create the oil spill in the Carribbean (unless you work for BP).

Employers have been forced to layoff your co-workers, off-shore, outsource, replace the dead wood with technology, cut back on 401k matching, and maybe cut your health or dental benefits.  Many companies also even cut salaries.

Be happy you have a job and make the most of it… or go get a new one.  But please, stop being a victim.  Employers are hiring sales people again!  Companies especially in SSTEMM: Sales, Staffing, Technology, Education (Private), Medical, and Manufacturing are booming in 2010 … and all the professional service firms who service them will soon follow suit.

Stop lolligagging and start running like it’s your company and you will be treated a little better tomorrow.  Or, again, go get another job.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July~ Drew Schmitz

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