Cult of Personality

25 Jun

Hello world, this is my very first blog for Blue Octopus Search & Consulting. I’d welcome feedback any time and always. Subjects that are relevant include: sales, recruiting, internships, marketing, social media, and networking or connecting people.

My first topic is near and dear to me – personality. We all have one and they are all “right” for us, but “wrong” for many employers (and even friends). I always encourage employers to figure out what makes people tick in the first interview – what are they good at and what do they like to do? If you can figure this out and get into the right job that allows you to use your talents 75%+ of the time, you’ll be happier, more productive, and I’m guessing make more money.

Pick up a copy of the Strengths Finder 2.0 book for a cheap and quality personality read on your top 5 talents. Check out Myers-Briggs (I’m an ESTJ) or DISC.

Or even easier, answer this question honestly and you’re on your way: catalyst, thinker, planner, and helper. Which one are you first? Which one are you second?
(send me your answers if you like).

Are you in a job that plays into your passion and talents?

Happy Friday~ Drew Schmitz

PS, thanks to John Hren for getting me going on the Blue Octopus blog!

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